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The DentalTwins | Privacy and Advertising Policy in Brooklyn

The DentalTwins®

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Privacy and Advertising Policy
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Our Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy as much as our own. That is why dentaltwins.com will never share your identity or personal information with anyone without your expressed consent. In fact, other than in direct response to e-mail from you or a request to be added to our newsletter mailing list or our bulletin board, we do not record any personally identifiable information with respect to your visit at our site. With the exception of our online bulletin board located at http://www.dentaltwins.net/dentalchat, this site does not use cookies* or any other means of storing personalization data on your computer or on our web server. In the case of our bulletin board, database and cookie information record uniquely identifiable user name and password data, but any additional personal information supplied is optional and at the discretion of the user.


Information Collected and How It Is Used...

The host for this site, Baystone Media, maintains server logs that collect data about users such as browser type, operating system, screen resolution, IP address, and domain name. This information is used to help us to adapt our site to the needs of our users most effectively and maximize compatibility with client software. Under no circumstances will this information be released by Mark or Steven Bornfeld to any third parties. To view Baystone Media's privacy policy, follow this link.

From time to time, dentaltwins.com may link to external web sites, or use third-party applications which have the capability of recording information to and from your activities. (dentaltwins.com currently uses the AddThis sharing service in our DentalChat forum; you may view the AddThis privacy policy at: http://www.addthis.com/privacy/privacy-policy. Dentaltwins.com also currently uses code supplied by Google to track referrals from our advertising on Google and Google Affiliate sites; you may view Google's privacy policy at: http://www.google.com/intl/en/privacypolicy.html). These external sites are not bound by the provisions of our privacy policy, and we assume no responsibility for the way information about your visit is used by these third parties. You should only click on any external links displayed by dentaltwins.com if you understand the risks, and we encourage you to view the privacy policies of each site you visit prior to disclosing any personally identifiable information. Feel free to configure your web browser to disable cookies (please contact technical support for your web browser if you need information on how to do this). Mark and Steven Bornfeld have no access to any information so collected by these third-party entities, and (with the exception of our bulletin board) dentaltwins.com maintains full functionality regardless of whether you choose to accept cookies.

The database application used for our online bulletin board stores uniquely identifiable information if a user chooses to register, which is required if one wishes to submit posts. This allows postings to be properly cross-referenced with a unique user, and allows that user to configure the board appearance to suit his personal preferences. It also allows the board administrator to remove abusive postings and/or block future postings from a particular user if it is deemed necessary to preserve civility in our online community. The submission of personal information during registration or setting of preferences is not necessary, and is purely up to the discretion of the user

Name and email address information is collected and retained from those who opt to subscribe to our periodic email newsletter or register as a user on our online bulletin board. This information may be accessed, corrected, or deleted by sending an email request to us at bornfeld@dentaltwins.com. Likewise, any other requests or disputes regarding how your personal information is used on this site should be directed to our email address.

For more information on protecting your privacy on the web, please visit the Privacy Foundation.

*(Cookies are small pieces of text data written to your hard disk drive by a web site which store information about your visit to the site; this information may persist after your visit to a site. This information may later be retrieved by the site so that certain preferences may be recalled. Security safeguards written into browser software generally limit the type of information that may be collected without the user's knowledge. Keep in mind that any information willingly entered by a user in a web form can be stored in a cookie.)

Visitors contemplating a visit to our offices for the purpose of seeking dental care are further protected by both the privacy laws of New York State and the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). You will be requested to familiarize yourself with our office's Notice of Privacy Practices, and sign an acknowledgement of receipt of this information.

Please remember that any e-mail correspondence with us is not encrypted and may be intercepted, e.g., by an unscrupulous hacker. Please do not send any personal information that you would not want to be shared in this way.


Our Advertising Policy

This web site is totally financed and supported by Mark and Steven Bornfeld DDS, who are solely responsible for its editorial content.

Advertizing is limited in intent to two goals:

  • first, to inform visitors about our practice, its location, our staff, contact information, the services offered, and the insurance plans with which we participate. This information is contained on our home page, our "services" page, our "insurance" page, our "directions" page, our "about us" page, and our "contact" page.
  • second, to promote goods or services not provided by our practice, whether related or unrelated to dentistry, which we believe have merit.

Anything contained on this site in locations other than those listed above should be considered as editorial content, intended to provide opinion and information, and endorsement of any specific proprietary product or service is neither expressed nor implied.

Brooklyn Dentist | Privacy and Advertising Policy. Mark & Steven Bornfeld, DDS is a Brooklyn Dentist.